CORONA: Not a dead-deal!! Myths and Facts

Yes, each and every facet of the world is terrified with the dreadful lead “Corona”, Here I mean to share some Myths and Facts about this pandemic spread.
Firstly, SARS Corona is not a Bio Weapon; there is no Collusion of any human kind. The destruction of nature habitat is the main cause for its emergence, it was a clear explanation given by many researchers.
The Epidemiology has been showing that Corona Virus is not an Air infectious, majorly transmits through the contact from infected persons cough and sneeze droplets. If not it is an air infectious however about half of the world population might be suspected with Corona.
Corona is not a long last or chronic situation, because viral strands are non-living creatures without a host, generally the life span of this strand is about 10 days. There is a chance to prevent this spread by following “Curfew”.
The SARS Corona is not a Mosquito-borne disease, as the enzymes present in the mosquito are lethal to this virus group.
The Upcoming Summ…

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According, to the global market reports the Diabetes and Weight loss predicts the major growth of Digital Therapeutics application, by patients, physicians and young generations, health aware citizens across the globe are tending to make use of these digital software technologies for treatment and wellness.
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